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Dr. Curtis Takemoto-Gentile's book is available now for purchase!

Foreword for the book by Bob Proctor:

It is a privilege and an honor to have been asked to write the foreword for this book as it gives me a unique opportunity to publicly recognize a man and his work.

Curtis Takemoto-Gentile is an extraodinary human being whom I anticipate will be recognized globally for his work not just today, but decades from today as well. I believe it was doctors like Dr. Takemoto-Gentile that Thomas Edison made reference to close to 100 years ago when he said, "The doctor of the future will use no medicine, but instead will interest his patients in the care of the human frame in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease." 2500 years before Edison, Hippocrates said essentially the same thing, "Let your food be your medicine."

Once you read all the concepts within these pages and understand how to apply them to your life, you will gain a much greater understanding of the connection between your mind and your body. This will empower you with awareness and I am sure you will keep this book within easy reach as a reference guide for yourself and your family.

My company has been on the cutting edge of the personal development industry for 45 years. I have been studying the human personality for well over 50 years; understanding why we choose to do the things we do and why we don't do many of the things we would like to do. When a person spends as many years as I have in this business, you become a very accurate judge of character. Dr. Curtis Takemoto-Gentile's integrity is beyond reproach. He is an excellent husband, and extraordinary father and a solid friend.