Curtis Takemoto-Gentile, M.D.

Current Location: 2632 S. King Street Honolulu HI, 96826 Our office is inside the new two-story building next to 7-11 on the Ewa side. Dr. Curtis Takemoto-Gentile’s medical practice is located in the beautiful city of Honolulu. The clinic is nestled in the flower district of Mo`ili`ili near the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile’s specialties are family practice, environmental medicine, geriatric medicine, alternative, nutritional medicine, functional medicine and many forms of complimentary medicine. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile treats many conditions related to a patients' interaction with the environment. This may include the treatment of allergies, various sensitivities which include: foods, pollens, molds, dust and chemicals. These sensitivities may be the root cause of auto immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders and many other conditions.

Family Physician

As a Family Physician, Dr. Takemoto-Gentile treats all ages, from newborns to the tutu's. With children, he treats a wide range of conditions some of which are included here: well baby check ups, fevers, colds, rashes, allergies, adolescent medicine, digestive problems and conditions associated with Autism. He also looks to integrate all aspects of our human experience which may include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. Doctor also is committed to creating a partnership with his patients to optimize all outcomes. Currently, the population includes a large number of baby boomers who are proactive in maintaining their health as well as being committed to becoming healthier using more natural methods. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile strives to apply the newest alternative methods to meet patients' health needs. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile treats men and women with bio-identical hormone replacement as well as Homeopathic remedies for low energy, sleep problems and other common health conditions.

Treatment Options

Doctor is an Alopathic Medical Doctor, an M.D., trained in Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine, Environmental Medicine and Nutritional Medicine. Doctor is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine ( AAEM), the American Council for the Advancement of Medicine ( ACAM) and is trained in many alternative modalities. Additionally, Dr. Takemoto-Gentile treats many conditions with nutritional therapies, dietary therapies and he also employs IV therapy for the detoxification of toxins, as an alternative cancer treatment and for increased immunity. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile also offers IV chelation therapy for cardiovascular conditions and for the removal of heavy metal toxicities. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile also has a state of the art laser for tattoo removal, hair removal, facial rejuvenation and the removal of hyper pigmentation (spots) on the face and body. The office accepts most insurances. Please call us to inquire about potential treatments for your specific condition. Our expert staff can answer many of your questions and we can also refer your questions to Dr. Takemoto-Gentile to determine how to best address your conditions.

About Dr. Curtis

Dr. Curtis Takemoto-Gentile is part-Hawaiian, Japanese, and Chinese. He graduated from Chaminade University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology, before attending the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine. He completed his three years of Family Practice residency training at the S.U.N.Y Buffalo Residency Program before returning home to complete a 2 year Geriatric Medicine Fellowship at Kuakini Hospital. Upon completion of his formal education, he was appointed as a full time Assistant Professor of Medicine with the University of Hawaii School of Medicine. After two years of teaching in the Geriatric Department of Medicine, he was promoted to an Associate Professor of Medicine and served as the Chairperson for the Department of Family Practice and Community Health for 13 years. He established the Department of Family Practice and Community Health, a medical school curriculum for the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), as well as a Family Practice Residency Program at Wahiawa General Hospital and on other islands. All of these programs that Doctor started are accredited and have been an integral part of the medical school, the central Oahu community and the other islands for many years. He also created a second Family Practice Residency program at Kuakini Hospital. In November 2002, Dr. Takemoto-Gentile opened his private practice clinic in Mo`ili`ili. He was now able to further the full time practice of his belief about patients and how their belief system relates to their health and healing. By this time doctor had confirmed his belief that the human body was capable of healing itself, if given proper nutrition, proper detoxification and the mental and spiritual strength to believe in its' healing. In order to continue to provide the guidance and support for an individuals healing, doctor has continued his medical and healing education beyond what is traditionally taught in medical school. He has participated in workshops, seminars and conferences to receive training in Environmental Medicine,Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine and other forms of physical and spiritual healing He has expanded his traditional treatment of families, children, adults and the elderly by integrating treatments that involve food allergy elimination diets, digestive enzymes, probiotics and basic nutrients. Doctor routinely treats and removes toxins such as Candida albicans and heavy metal poisoning in lead, mercury, arsenic or antimony. He continues to update his knowledge base on alternative and natural treatments for the most challenging medical conditions, many of which he was not originally trained to treat in the traditional medical school training. He routinely and successfully treats children with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythromatosis. He is a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine where he has trained to do many alternative treatments such as intravenous chelation for various conditions including circulatory conditions, angina (chest pains) and cancer. Doctor utilizes Chinese herbs, vitamins, anti-oxidants, pro-oxidants, neural stimulation and sound waves to treat certain conditions. When a natural remedy is not warranted he is always able to prescribe medications. Fortunately, Doctor is able to treat blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, thyroid conditions, and adrenal fatigue successfully with natural alternatives. He is also successful in treating men and women undergoing andropause and menopause with bio-identical hormones and he routinely reverses osteoporosis naturally without harmful drugs. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile looks to integrate all aspects of our human experience which may include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing, to obtain and maintain perfect health.